ETFE Cushion Grasshopper

I want to fill the gaps with a double layer skin of ETFE cushion. I failed to find a solution. How can I go about creating it in Grasshopper?

I’ve attached the grasshopper and rhino file of the structure.

TORUS.3dm (299.3 KB) (25.5 KB)

I want to create a double layer ETFE cushion only at the upper part of the line (see front view):

Have a try Kangaroo.

There are some simple ways to do. Try to adjust for 100% of the specific requirements you want. I don’t intend to go that far.

torus (26.8 KB)


Thank you for your help! I have a concern with the display of the mesh and the surface. When I bake the geometry it is appearing as see-through/x-ray in shaded view in rhino. It does not show as a solid fill like yours. I tried running the command clean draw order but the problem persists. How did you manage to make it appear as a solid mesh and surface?

Thanks again!

Change your rhino display mode from Wireframe(or X-ray)to Shaded(or Rendered).

The Rhino display mode is already set to shaded view where I’m facing the display problem in which the curves/polylines behind it appear.

Post your 3dm.

To what plug-in do the Diamond Tiling and Frame components belong, or who made them?

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