Weak display quality of Rhino 6 vs Rhino 5


is it only at my machine, that edges and lines are not so good looking like at Rhino 5? Can I do something or needs the R6 code enhanced?


Rhino 6

Rhino 5

I can’t tell exactly what I’m looking at here. It looks almost like a far from origin issue. Is the geometry far from the origin or in a block that may have some big built-in transformations?

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Have you checked your anti-alising settings?

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The Open GL AA is set to 8x at R5 and R6. The distance to origin is approx. 17000,-500,1000. It’s simple geometry.



EDIT: It looks like the images are rescaled for the forum here. At my screen the R5 display looks much smoother and cleaner.


To my eyes, the V6 looks like is has less aliasing. The shading looks a bit different, though, perhaps because the part angle is different.

If you have an older nVidia card, you might be able to force 16x AA, or perhaps something better using nVidia inspector.

nVidia is for use with care and at own risk. I generally would and do not touch voltage or clock settings. The most anyone can usually overclock their card is 10%, but the risk is large. I’ve forced 32x and 64x on flight simulators, which appeared to work on my older card.

Perhaps you could do additional tweaks with AMD’s driver software.

I find myself yearning for a 4k monitor, where the jaggies get lost in an expansive sea of Light-Bright’esque pixels.

Hi @Brenda,

I use a 1080ti for display use and if I upload the images at the forum than the issue can’t be seen so good anymore, since the forum software seems to use some image processing. But I packed a comparison image in the attached archive. If I open this image at 100% in Photoshop the difference is clearly visible.

Thank you for your suggestions.


Image.zip (29.3 KB)

yes, it’s unfortunate but it has been like that since the early v6 days. I’ve complained about it numerous times but it seems nothing can be done about it. Here an attempt from my side enlarged to 200% to better see the effect:

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@stevebaer does the image I posted help to show the difference between v6 and v5? Thing is, after a while you get used to the (lesser) quality of v6 but still I’m hoping one day we get the smooth line display of v5 back…

on thing that can help, is setting width to more than 1px, on edges, crvs etc.

line AA used to be way better… hope something can be done here.

this is around 2006 not sure what card, FireGL or Geforce