Querying Openings not working

I am trying to put together a master script, that would extract all rooms from a revit model and the correlated apertures. However, the Openings python component is not downloading for some reason from the guides page (Rhino.Inside®.Revit) can somebody look into that or share the script?

Archmsyd, Thanks for reporting the dead link.

Here is a more up to date way of Querying Openings using a Class Filter.

Thanks @Japhy .
While we are at it. Is there a way to get the room wall ids (by correlation), or more specifically, openings/ curtain wall ids for each ‘room’?


So, you can get walls intersecting with rooms using the below method… keep in mid this will get you all walls not just the bounding ones, if you only need bounding you can use the same process but instead of using the room geometry Brep/volume , you can use the room side faces. From there you can use the host inserts component (if I got the name correct) to get the doors and windows etc…

And if you only need the openings geometry you can search for that on this forum you will be able to find the process, where you mainly get the wall geometry with and without the insert and get the solid difference to get the opening geometry.


Great solution Mohamed. Depending on the workflow Archmsyd you may want to look at using an element (door or window) with the ToRoom parameter.

@M.Tarabishy This is a really good solution for walls although computationally intensive for bigger buildings.

@Japhy how about curtainwalls that span several levels? I want to reference the curtain wall panels that are associated (in proximity) to a certain room volume on a floor. The panels in revit are not associated with rooms even if they are a bounding element to the room’s volume. Even the curtainwall itself is not divided by the floors it spans. Do you have a workaround? I need this to generate an energy model for open studio and it is essential to import each room with the associated openings such as doors, windows and curtain wall glazing.

You could do a solution via geometry.

This definition creates a box at the center of the Curtain Panel and tests for a Collison with the Rooms.

Revit 2022 GET_ROOM_NUMBER.rvt (1.6 MB)

That’s correct, but depending on your needs might be a viable solution if you have openings that are not created using a window/door family which doesn’t have a to and from room property to filter using them, where then you could get the walls and find their inserts.