Get Window Opening Cut profile from Revit

I want to extract the opening cut profile from the placed window families instances in my model, but I can’t seem to find the way to do that with Rhino.Inside.

I managed to extract the curtain grid cells boundary profiles, which is great, and I’m trying to obtain something similar querying windows and doors openings.
What I’m trying to do is to extract all glazed openings from a detailed linked model and project them to raw mass shapes to generate the energy model of the link.

could you show an image of your revit model or a typical wall with a window opening?

On the Openings Guide page there are a series of Python components that allow the openings to be found. Give them a try:

These are prototype components, so they need to be installed separately by copying the files to the correct directory.

I am trying to extract the wall opening cut that you define in the window family basically.

Yes I did try those components but they seem to read only the wall openngs defined into the project file, while they don’t read the opening cuts that come with the window / door family.
Reading other forums, seems tricky to isolate the opening cuts from the family instances placed in the project and I could only find some walkarounds to get these. At the moment I’m using a bounding box around the window frame geometry generated with GH, but this wouldn’t work for windows that are not rectangular, so I’m still wondering whether there is a way to extract the opening cut.

I’m unable to found API in Revit to directly do this, but a geometrical approach like this below should work. (19.6 KB)

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Smart. Thank you @kike, I’ll use this approach. I may need to tweak it a little bit to take into account full height window sliders where the rebate ends up being below the wall base usually, but I think is workable