Retrieve open door geometry for orientation

Hi, I’m trying to get the geometry of doors with the open door in order to get the opening direction (as default, they come closed in RIR, although they are open in the Revit model. I noticed that the to and from room option is not working properly and gives opposite results many times, therefore I will do it myself. Also, if there is another indicator besides getting the open door geometry and intersecting, open for suggestions.

Hi Talfrd,

is the calculation point on?

if so the point is here and available on your Door Schedule To Room/From fields

Hi Japhy, yes its on. It just doesn’t seem to give the right results for some reason. I want to try to get it myself with an intersection of an open door bonding box and a room.

Is your family setup for opening the door in 3D?

I have calculation point turned on,but for some reason it seems like Revit is not calculating the correct direction, and it doesn’t update the direction as I flip the door in the schedule in Revit itself which makes me suspish there is something write with the doors.
Anyhow, is there maybe a way to get the 2D version of the open door? I could get the arc tip and use it for the intersection.

Those are view dependent (symbolic lines), you’ll want to add something to your Families accessible in the Model representation.

View Specific Geometry is available via the Element View Geometry component.

I would also add to the above, where you can get the door facing direction as shown below…


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Thanks Mohamed, I forgot those returned a vector and not a boolean.

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Thanks! That’s exactly the function I was looking for.

Thanks Japhy!