Get Door Opening on Wall

Hey everyone,

I have set of doors in my project and I want to get the geometry of openings they create on the wall. Is there any way i can achieve that?

Hi @mucahitbgoker,

You can use the ‘Exclude’ input of ‘Element Geometry’ component to do something likes this. (23.1 KB)

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hi @kike ,

thanks for replying this fast. I havent been able to achieve what i want using the definition you shared. You can see it from the image below. Also I have attached my sample file. Thanks for helping!
Project1.rvt (9.2 MB)

Well you need to filter out walls without opening first.
What about this? (19.7 KB)

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thanks @kike,

it worked just fine. :rocket:

Unfortunately the method can’t work for link file. The link elements can’t be excluded.

I tried and it worked just fine.

This is from my end.

I think this looks like a model category picker. Instead of using that, can you try Query Categories and connect the linked document in the document input. I think Built-In Category assumes you are trying to reference from active document by default.

BTW, Model Categories picker replaced long time ago. Which version of RIR are you using?

I’m using v1.4, Revit 2018,2020 both the same.

I tried it on 2022. Maybe this might be an issue related to the Revit version. maybe @Japhy can help.

I can confirm that this problem exists in R2018.

Thanks for testing, I don’t have 2018 anymore & there is discussion to how much longer we will support it.

This issue looks to be about the document linking in the API which i know has a fix coming, not saying it will fix this, but hopefully. I believe it should be available in next Tuesdays RiR daily build.