Rhino.InsideRevit - Wall Opening Cuts for Doors and Window

Hi All, does anyone has a workaround to create wall openings for window and door using RIR & GH. In this project, I have an architectural model linked to a structural. The workflow is as below:

  1. extract doors outline parameter(dimension) from properties in Architectural model
  2. Then, create the opening for walls in Structural Model

the challenges I am facing is extracting window opening dimensions from properties panel (e.g. width,depth)

If that is solved, then the next is to create openings for walls at the same location of the doors. Currently on RIR, only shaft opening.

Any help will be appreciated, chherio

A much needed component for your workflow, I’ve added it to the new components request.

This is the method if you are interested in scripting. https://www.revitapidocs.com/2016/06a216d4-2cf6-ec8f-df5b-10f007b70531.htm

Since Wall openings can only be created as rectangles and sometimes we might want to create circular openings, I don’t use wall opening in those cases. Also openings can’t be scheduled and can’t associate custom parameters with them. So I create wall openings with a window family which only has wall opening in it and place them using Add Component By Location node. This way I can schedule and further analyze the openings. I don’t know whether if this answers your question.

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Do you have a sample script that I can look into?

Below definition finds the intersection between ducts and walls and places a windows family in the intersection as the size of opening. It might be a bit messy. But overall, it works just fine.

Wall MEP Intersection.gh (14.9 KB)

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