QuadRemesh overlapping issue

Ok, first some praise: Despite this thread, the QuadRemesh command saved me a lot of time in this instance, and I was very happy to see a “modern” dialog box for the tool, even with some basic built-in analytics! :+1:

(Imagine if every other tool in Rhino could be upgraded to this UX standard… we’d almost be entering the 21st century with the app instead of being stuck in the 90s… sorry, I couldn’t help myself, and yes, I know the Mac version already has this pretty much everywhere since many years back). :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

I noticed that even on what I considered to be a very simple shape, the tool generated overlapping quads:

Attempting to simplify it even more also surprisingly yielded worse results:

I understand that the result can’t be perfect, but overlapping faces doesn’t seem to be a desired or acceptable result regardless. If anyone at McNeel wants to take a look, here’s the surfaces I used:

quadremesh.3dm (463.9 KB)

Because of this however, I had to take it into Blender to finish it up, but at least it was doable and the result was better than the one I had attempted previously from scratch by hand:

The overlap appears to be rooted in the objects render mesh. Keep in mind that when you’re running QuadRemesh on a brep that the breps render mesh is passed to the remesher.

The overlapping was happening near the low poly stitching of the the 4 surfaces, when the render mesh settings where increased for more density the issue goes away.

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Interesting, thank you! I did not know it was tied to that.

That’s a very clean mesh result, btw. Can I ask what settings you used to achieve that?

(Makes this quirk I’m still plagued by even more important…)

I think if you setup your template and then use import vs open the document mesh settings from the template default should stick.

If not, another idea that’s not too painful is to create a shortcut macro for -_DocumentProperties _Mesh etc with your values and bind it to a keyboard hotkey.

Well, unfortunately I haven’t been able to convince anyone at McNeel yet that these mesh settings “reset”/“change” during the lifetime of the file, sometimes even during the same work session…

Could you please post the exact settings you used? I’m not getting the same results as you, but I’ve only fiddled around for a few minutes.

My settings were just a basic min/max edge setting.

Here are my QuadRemesh settings

If you can find a repeatable way to show us how your document properties get their mesh values changed without your input then I’m sure we can address it.

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Thank you for the screenshots! Interesting, I never though to just use the min and max edge lengths. :slight_smile:

Hmm… I seem to be getting a very different result from you, though. In Rhino 7.27 using your settings, I don’t get a result at all. In fact, 8-5 doesn’t give me a result at all. At an edge length of 4, I get a result, but it is not as nice as your screenshots:

I might be missing something obvious, since this is pretty new to me. However, apart from that, one further important difference is that you don’t use the “strict” setting for surface edges, which was important in this case.

Your settings are different than mine if you compare images.

You shouldn’t need any guide curve input here such as surface edges. Strict only means to use every brep edge no matter how small. You should pick Smart in the majority of cases should you decide to use it.

Looks like I changed it internally to use the high quality render mesh or the objects custom render mesh settings vs the document settings.

So…If you aren’t getting a result, then run ExtractRenderMesh and run it on that.

This appears to be the key!

As for the curve input, again in this case, I really wanted strict, and apart from the red markings I made in my first screenshot, I thought it worked pretty well. (I also noticed that when I switched to just one or two guide curves, the remesher might still decide to ignore part of the curve, and I’d have hoped it would move the “inaccurate” areas to somewhere else.)