QuadRemesh incorrect

I drew a random polyline.
Next I used the “planarSrf” command.
I ran the “QuadRemesh” command on this plane.
As you can see the result looks bad.
Quadremesh incorrect.3dm (144.6 KB)

(even the starry forms, with cusp angles, the quadremesh fails):

I had the same problem - complete mess.

Hello - add a custom render mesh to your object without Simple Planes set.


Forgive me Pascal, what exactly would the command be?
(in any case, would it be necessary to be able to do this with QuadRemesh?).

Hm - actually it is not necessary - seems fine right from the standard render mesh here.


Pascal, I reproduced the shape of your example, the quadremesh works!
The problem is in the form of my example, all too acute … I don’t know what to say … :roll_eyes:

I guess we can say that the miracle is not yet complete.


So let’s put my two examples in the hands of the developer (quadremesh), so he can try to perform the miracle! :wink: :innocent:

Actually I think this is a known limitation - I remember @trav telling me something about acute angles being problematic.



Also, QuadRemesh will work fine on those if you give them thickness:

That’s also a known issue.

Without controversy.
Any tool should be as reliable as possible (within the limits of possibilities), it cannot work in fits and starts …
The task of the developers is to break down certain limits and provide tools that are not always foolproof, but safe in many cases! :wink:

I’m not sure if I would want to use the quad mesh of the star… It is a solution but not a nice one.

I split the star surface into quads and of course that works nicely:

And one of the objects from the file provided in the first post, surface split and extruded a bit:

Yes, that’s right, if you give thickness to those very angular shapes the Quadremesh works.
There is always the limit of this command, which should work without adding thickness. I hope the developer solves (maybe in Rhino 8) this small discrepancy.