Quadremesh - a model that did not want to initiate

i noticed that Quadremesh has sometimes issues initiating, changing the parameters slightly up or down or using preview hide input etc will sometimes get it going then, here it does not seems to initiate though i waited quite a while… maybe its too heavy?

info.txt (4.8 KB) since the zipped model has 130 mb i upload it via wetransfer

It has 7 million tris.

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yes, but i had it happening on far less dens mesh already. did you get it working?

Oh, no, I couldn’t get any result. In order to got a good result, I bumped up the counts, then it froze my computer.
But now I think of it, it might not be the problem of counts, but the scale of the mesh. Maybe the distances between verts are too short.

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Hi encephalon,

can you please send me the file saved as Rhino 7.

I will try to quadremesh it then.


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or the edges in quadremesh were set too long. though i did not touch that setting, maybe its worth checking if i go that route… though remember back i think i tried but the results did not show, then again which happens on simple meshes either rather often.

hi @rhinouser141 very kind of you! just to be sure it is not misunderstood, that is just a testmodel i was experimenting with and i thought the developers may be interest in, nothing i urgently need so far. if its just for your curiosity let me know, i will upload the file once more.

Yes i am curious, how quadremesh will solve this.
If you have time, please send me the file as Rhino 7 version.

there you go

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I remeshed the model to 500k vertices (1 million tris).
Unfortunately, quadremesh still does not work on the full model even if you simplify it.

But when you separate the model in sections (splitmesh with drawn curves), it will work- i used target surface amount of 1000.

Afterwork ist tedious and time consuming, as you need then to stitch the sub-d pieces together.

so i now significantly reduced the mesh to 600 T including smoothing a bit to keep naughty polygons in shape, as @rhinouser141 mentioned even then Quadremesh would not budge.

smaller.3dm.zip (16.3 MB)

@Trav is that something interesting to look at? is too complex for the command or whats going on?
also there is no progress indication generally. Quadremesh always silently does its job, no indication if or when it will be completed. at least on the mac side.

@encephalon currently quad remesh takes a long time to calculate anything Genus 10+ or higher. It will eventually finish but a model like this will take it a very very long time to unwrap.

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ok so still too heavy then. is there a chance getting some kind of progress bar or other sort of indicator?

Progress would be unknown as each loop could resolve quickly or spiral into infinity, but I could add a popup warning before you attempt a complex unwrap like this if the Euler characteristics fall below -10 or so.