How to permanently change default values of mesh detail options?

A while back I experimented with how low in polygon detail I could go in order to export objects for VR.

Unfortunately, that setting has now gotten “stuck” and every time I do commands like Zebra, I get my dumb experimental options back.

How can I permanently change the default values of the various “adjust mesh” option dialogues that exist in Rhino, because I apparently accidentally managed it once, but now I can’t figure out how…

IIRC, Rhino should remember the last used setting. With only one instance of Rhino open, try changing one back to how you want it by default then closing and re-opening Rhino. Did that setting stick?

It doesn’t even remember the setting from one opening of the dialog to the next during the same session!

And weirdly, it’s the same on two different machines… and the common denominator might be that I import options/toolbars from the same .rui files on both of them…

Hello - that setting is per file.


Hmm… between this, grid and tolerances, I think I wish there was a button to “apply template settings” for everything on the current file…

This still drives me nuts. Every file I have to change this and it’s a waste of my time every time I do! :slightly_frowning_face:

Why don’t you change your template file(s)?

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Which template gets used when you open a STEP?

If you use Import it uses the settings of whatever template you already have open. If you Open, it tries to read some stuff from the STEP file such as units and tolerances but the mesh settings are not among them. I don’t know what it uses for that, but probably the default (jagged and faster) ones. I think it’s the same as when you hit the “No Template” button when opening a new file - everything “default”.

As far as the mesh settings go, I long ago made buttons for the various settings I use.

Would something like an “Import settings from file” button be useful? What settings would you have it import?

I think there’s been a misunderstanding perhaps, but I’m specifically talking about this popup during an export to a mesh based file format:


Now, the above values did seem to be stored in the particular file I opened to screenshot it, but then I opened another file and hit export, and the same values were in the popup and I’m 100% absolutely certain that I never used those values for the other file because it would be too coarse.

Just to test further, I then closed Rhino, started it again, chose new file using a template I don’t often (if ever) use, created a cube and then hit export and again, those same values appeared i the popup!

Sorry, you haven’t convinced me that those values are stored per file, and I still feel like the above is true, for that matter although I’m currently seeing the extreme opposite of it! :rofl:

Ok, here’s a reason why these values feel random:

  1. The default values for “custom mesh” are different
  2. The default values for “adjust mesh” in zebra options are different
  3. The default values for “mesh detail” in export selected are different

Why, oh why can’t you set a general mesh detail for all of the above in the documents units preference panel once and for all (and in one place)?

Well, you might want different settings for all. I don’t use the same settings for exporting a small .stl as I do for the general display mesh for my shaded views.

Hello- these are indeed all stored separately by design. As Mitch points out, it is pretty common,certainly recommended ub genaral, to use different mesh settings for analysis than for rendering or 3d printing. In any event, in case it gives you some hope, V8/WIP has meshing presets you can save and re-use.