QuadRemesh Boundaries

Hi all,

I am playing with the new rhino 7 quad remesh tool (which is great!), however I have an issue with very simple shapes that I can’t solve.

I am trying to mesh a surface with quads and I really need that the mesh points to be place on the edge of the surface, however even with “strict” this does not happen. Similarly if I use a guiding curve this does not seem to work. (See images below).

Furthermore, a very useful feature for me would be to add points and ask the mesh to node out at those points (I guess the work around at the moment is to place a short line ending where I need a point, but would be helpful to have guiding points).

For what I need the mesh (importing it into a structural software for analysis) I could compromise a little the ratio of the quads but I really need to have some fixed boundaries and fixed points my mesh has to node out.

Any suggestions on how to do it or could this be improved in future versions? It would be great!

We’re working to match verts to curves and edges on boundaries more precisely but in general the mesh is an approximation will not always line up perfectly given the number of faces it has to work with, or the topology of the shape.

Remeshing partial areas is also something on the road map.

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Thanks Travis, I am sure you are doing a great work!

What I meant is that for planar problems it should be possible to “push” mesh nodes to the closest point on a line?
See below an example from GSA which is the structural software we are using in the office.

Of course it is a worse mesh (and it has triangles) but it forces the meshes to node out with the nodes of the guiding curves. Maybe this is not possible if you have only quads?