Quad Remesh issue

I have a plane surface, it’s boundary is a series of lines.
As you can see the vertices of quad remesh at boundary are not coincide with ends of the lines.


  1. Each end of the lines should be a vertex of the mesh at boundary.
  2. Between the any two adjacent ends, there is no vertex of the mesh.
    mesh.gh (16.5 KB)

Create a vertical line with the SDL component on each point that should fix the problem.

PS: Sorry that trick only works for TriRemesh

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Thanks, but it doesn’t work.


You might have to increase the target count

increase it from 3000 to 30000


What’s the expected benefit of having the vertices of the Quad Remesh coincident with the boundary control points?

The boundary does not consist of equal lengths. Most of them are around 0.5 but some are just +/- 0.25

I want to use the mesh to do finite element analysis (FEM).

FEM require that the nodes of elements at boundary should coincide with control points


As Martin said, why don’t you try with Trimesh component? It seems to work perfectly


Trimesh.gh (12.3 KB)

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Yes, I see it. But it’s better if quad mesh work as well.