FEA analysis. Seeding lines, points to the remesher


The new Quadremesh looks amazing and it means an important progress. It would be great being able to remesh a surface constraining to points, lines (or even other surfaces) for building FEA models. I found a plugin for Rhino V6 from “SOFiSTiK” (FEA software) which can achieve the result. However it does the work in the main software (it exports the model and then re-imports the new one into Rhino).

I attach the results of the remeshing working with this plugin as an example.

Thanks for your work


Hello- you can work from curves now, not points (yet, anyway)



We would also love to be able to constrain the quad mesh to preset points…it might be a quirk of structural engineering but in our FEA we frequently mix 1D elements with 2D (and sometimes even 3D). In those instances we need to constrain the point at which the 1D element meets the higher dimensional elements to maintain connectivity through out analysis.
I love the quad meshing functionality, the outcomes are so clean and when dealing with curved forms the following of the lines of principal curvature is fantastic.
Keep up the good work guys!


Hello - added

RH-59708 QuadRemesh: constrain to points


Is point can be added as guide?
I tried it on RH 7.8, it doesn’t work

Hi -

No, item RH-59708 is still open at this time.