QuadRemesh : mash quad

I tried to quadremesh a massive 300 000 vertex mesh

but my computer is running for 24 hours, fan are spinning as hell, but the wheel is still turning.
Should i stay or should i go ?


Ah… not 300 000 but a 300 000 000 point mest… that makes sense, that is massive. I guess you would need to use more optimized software for that.
But why do you need to quad remesh it?

Inalteady optimized to 300000 with c4d, but the modelisation is super dirty, and made with triangle

Ok, but I would expect 300k to be within Rhino’s capability. If you want me to take a look I can sign an nda and you can pm me.
Also, did you try ReduceMesh? Sometimes reducing to 99% prior to running other tasks can help getting rid of minor bugs and the smallest triangles.

Here you can find the mesh and the texture, i tried to quadremesh

Hi, I did a quick test. If reduced to 100K and then Quadremeshed to 10K or 30K the quadremesher takes around 10 seconds. So the Quadremesher works on small sizes, but how big is the quad mesh you want? 300K?

Yes between 200 and 300 k, do zou think it’s possible ?
i’ll tried to reduce a bit
i’ll use in 3d engine to perf it in realtime

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maybe Rhino is not the best app for this specific case…

I use Zbrush to Quad mesh things in 2 - 3 mil, works very well reducing to perhaps 700 - 800k in a minute or so [on my 8 years old little MacBook]

settings that worked well for me in that App: Target Polygon count > Same
Adaptive size > 100
there are additional settings in there [to experiment with if needed]


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