Quad Remesh failed to create mesh

I’ve been really enjoying using Quad Remesh in Rhino WIP but recently I can’t get it to work. Is this a temporary issue or am I doing something wrong. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Such a useful tool when I had it working. Cheers

hard to tell without a file or is with any file?

Any file with even the simplest geometry. Crazy as was working well for me before.

Including a 3dm file and some screenshots will help the community address the issue.

I can use the Quad Remesh no problems on my home PC, just not at work. All software is save version and up to date. subDproblems.3dm (290.0 KB)

I just did a quick test and it runs fine. 250,000+ quads.

When did you get a new WIP build?

Hi - as Bob noticed, you should at least update your Rhino WIP version:
The latest public version was released earlier this week.

Hi Bob, I downloaded the link from the Serengeti site from memory. I will update to the latest version And let you know how I go.

Just like to say as a Rhino user of more than twenty years I so appreciate all the amazing work you have done and the opportunities that Rhino brings to many thousands of people every day.

Thanks Wim, I’ll download the latest WIP on Monday and hopefully this will solve this issue I’lllet you know how I get on.

Many thanks,

Hi, just updated and quadmesh is now working well for me. I should have done this earlier! Many thanks