QuadRemesh fails to produce results

I’m working on a fairly complicated closed mesh that has been scanned and cleaned up using Geomagic. The project is under NDA so I cannot actually show it here, but I’d be able to share with McNeel staff if necessary.

Nine out of ten times when running QuadRemesh I simply don’t get any resulting mesh, nor any warnings or other hints. Just nothing after a considerable calculation time. This is on the latest v.7 build on Mac (7.10.21256.17002, 2021-09-13)

Depending on the parameters, number of target vertices etc. I do get results, but I cannot pinpoint the exact cause after numerous trials. Sometimes I had more luck setting a desired edge length, but even then, some parameters work and some don’t.

I’ve even tried the tool on meshes that have been voxelized (elsewhere) and then converted back to a mesh (in order to obtain a cleaner mesh structure) as well as meshes that have been previously converted into quads in other programs (either as pure quads as well as triangulated polys).

It appears that there’s a bug that actually prevents Rhino from remeshing the object correctly.

Hello - Can you please send to tech@mcneel.com and include a link back to this topic in your comments.