Push Pull command

Can I just say that I LOVE this tool, that first turned up as a test command, and is now an actual (though undocumented) command.

I hope it is here to stay.


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That’s the plan. Please feel free to ping me directly with any issues you run into.

I missed this so far. This is great!

I gave it 2 minute spin. So far so good. Finally something i can consider an actual added value for me in v8 :slight_smile: good work

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is there a plan to support curved surfaces? i can imagine pusshing pulling spherical surfaces and have the same results.

See: Rhino WIP Feature: PushPull Workflow

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Just testing this PushPull command, I think its a great addition, one issue I’m finding is that it is altering the C-Plane to which surface I have chosen :man_shrugging:t4: @Joshua_Kennedy @bobmcneel

I see we can turn this on/off, my bad

Oh, I hoped this was a directmodelling thing :slight_smile:
Wish: It would be nice with a direction option.

“OT” wish:
Can you please see if you can make a tool that would let me move this face in and out, so the only thing that get’s altered is what it has trimmed away?

That would be super useful.
Move and rotate are top priorities. Scale is nice to have in the future.

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Hi Jorgen - - handling non-planar faces is on the list - I guess it is likely that cones/cylinders/spheres may come first before free-form faces.


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Pushing/pulling in other directions than normal to the plane would also be useful.

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@Pascal 's information is out of datePushPull currently works on non-planar surfaces.

What determines the direction?


Hi David - the comment refers to extending non-planar side surfaces - currently you can extend, rather than move, sides of a tapered box, say, but not a face on the truncated cone.

Hum, well, that seems to be broken for now in the buiold that I have… but it *was* there …


Like this? I have not tried it with Gumball.

LIke this, I think is the idea:



That would be a constraint,.right?
O.t., but since we talk about it I would like to have something similar for curves also.

E.g. in a non-rectangular polygon, move an edge and the angles are kept instead of the edge length (Revit has this). Very practical!