Push pull- calling set design and film prop folks

Just wanted to take a second and call out the film design, set design and prop design folks and make sure you are all trying the new inset command and the push pull tools in the latest v8 wip-

this was just under 7 min of inset, pushpull, gumball extrude and chamfer fiddling… started from a single cylinder.

also note the chamfer face edges option is amazing for this stuff…I was today years old when I discovered it, although I may be late to the party…

@cosmas @FilmDesigner Have you guys tried this? Funnnn stuffff…

@Joshua_Kennedy is doing amazing dev work here… A few bugs to squish yet but the development has been really great so far.

give it a go and let us know where the wheels fall off.


Im gonna be perfectly honest Kyle, I havent downloaded and installed 8 as of yet. Im a bit gun shy about beta tests. Let me give you some back story.

Around the time 6 was in beta I was working on Tron sequel (it shut down sadly) and I was working on a car and a motorcycle development and decided to try some of the new features in 6 . I downloaded the latest copy at the time , installed it and launched it. It seemed to work fine. I used it for a few days as I recall and then one day it crashed. No problem , Ill just try relaunching, no luck. Ok , well I cant deal with it at work so I will launch 5 and continue ( I always save a previous version when using betas) to my surprise 5 wouldnt launch. Neither would 6. Thankfully I had a co-worker who is a genius with windows and he discovered that it corrupted the registry for both 5 and 6. The whole experience left me a bit traumatized due mostly to the fact that I was under extreme pressure and time constraint on a very big project. Ever since then Ive just avoided betas.

I would love to download and put it through the paces . These new features are incredible and will really speed up the workflow. I cant begin to describe how amazing SUBD has been and how much its saved my rear.

So for now, Im just going to sit back and watch the development with envy and deposit buckets of drool.


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Oh and big KUDOS to @Joshua_Kennedy for his work. Trust me it will be put through the paces when I get a hold of it. Im really looking forward to it.

understood, we’ll be looking forward to your thoughts when it’s a bit more battle tested.

having a beta screw up a previous install would be pretty rare, but time is money in your biz, so I get your hesitation.

Next tool to do is PushPull “Hinge rotate”, basically enabling rotation of a face along a straight edge that acts as an axis, hence the “hinge” in the name.


Hi @Rhino_Bulgaria
Isn’t that similar to Rotate3d with the face subobject-selected, or are you seeing this as something else (maybe we could have the option of selecting a straight edge as the axis)? Just asking out of curiosity :grinning:

lets get push pull “straight in and out” working well first eh? :slight_smile:

but yes… I agree next steps are intriguing for this workflow.

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Kyle, can you please tell Joshua that this request from @Holo circa 2014 it’s also a type of push-pull?

And. I know that 2014 is technically less than the legally required 10+ years of a request”s age to be taken seriously, but maybe we can graduate this one prematurely based on merit?




It’s on my radar. I’ve done some work for face extension on planar stuff that’s hopefully on the way soon.



Great!!! Does the double click on the face make an extrusion with the last distance entered?

Another question will push and pull work for subds too?

So are only film prop people allowed to comment on push pull (or perhaps there’s a different thread for us plebs)? :slightly_smiling_face:

I was curious if it would work on this now, but I’m suspecting that it can’t move fillets automatically? (And before you say “parametric”, it’s not in the traditional sense. This is what Siemens calls “synchronous” modeling, and I’m doing it straight on the imported models from Rhino and it can still move the fillets without issue and even resize them.)

But at least I hope it no longer shrinks surfaces? (And I’m also hoping that you won’t explicitly have to enable the command, and all improvements seen here are “backported” to the gizmo.)

That’s awesome Joshua! I assume planar solids come first, then degree-2 extrusions (arcs and circles), then degre-2 tapered extrusion, then all of the above when trimmed/intersected by degree-3 faces, and ultimately degree-3 plus solids?

As you work on the solvers for this it would be great to see how you develop a “merge degree-2 surfaces’, similar to what merge planar does now, but applied to joint sections of extruded arcs with same degree-2 curvature.

I think it’s equally important addressing the mathematical/geometry solver side of this, as addressing the UX and interaction.examples: Showing live interaction, live-intersections (am I colliding with an internal component that l’m trying to avoid?), and selected faces/edges visibility (‘I want to see what I’m moving’ vs ‘I want to see the overall resulting form, not highlights of element distracting my form development’)

Amazing work, keep going!


As a decade long sketchup user who loves Rhino AND sketchup this is very exciting :wink: I realize there are things like the wirecut tool and sub object selection of a face and then gumball moving it but just a single keybinding to push/pull any face really is a great workflow speed enhancement in my opinion and the automatic “tapering” of the form is wonderful as well.

Thanks for all the hard work!

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Yessss! That looks great! I use VectorWorks from time to time and this is one of the nice features on there. Great job Joshua.

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It should use one of the straight edges as a hinge, so that the whole face is being rotated along its axis while the adjacent surfaces extend of shrink accordingly. Something like this:

Used viewport mode:
Bobi X11.ini (13.8 KB)


This looks fantastic @Joshua_Kennedy. Have you by chance read this paper from Peter Wonka’s group at Arizona State / KAUST? http://peterwonka.net/Publications/pdfs/2014.SG.Lipp.PushPull.pdf

this extend mode is super useful i deal a lot with excavations which is basically truncated pyramids. please develop it eobustly so it does not fail with more complicated geometries…

Yes, that paper is the inspiration for the face extension mode. It’s a bit more complicated with polysurfaces but it is a really great piece of research.

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