Suggestions for Rhino 9

Rhino it’s a fantastic program. I use it for 25 years.
Rhino 8 is a big update, lots of new features, many thanks to the developers.
I appreciate the new push-pull feature but it can’t resolve all modeling problems.
That’s why I use Spaceclaim to fix or add/subtract details from my Rhino models.
In the video you can see what’s the issue. It’s impossible to extend a solid curved roof.
Ok, there are some workarounds to fix this issue, detach the main surface, extend it, etc.
In Rhino 9 I’d like to have more flexibility in terms of push-pull features.


I’m thinking of Using Plasticity also to Fill Rhino modelling Gaps

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My main question about this is that there are two valid interpretations of what you’d want when ‘extending’ this particular object. You either want the curve to extrude along the edge of the implied circle via some kind of parametric constraint, or you want it to extend tangent to the surface of the circle (or normal to the surface itself) which is what rhino does. How do you tell the program what the difference is, and would you want different commands to give different results?

Rhino’s outcome is simple and predictable, and the other seems to require an extra intuition for what pushing and pulling means for different types of objects.

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If you think about it, Rhino, with the “extend surface” command, presents two options: linear/tangent and smooth, follows the curvature.
It wouldn’t be bad if “push and pull” followed this possibility during the extension. It’s not impossible, you just need to program the system and give it one more option.
What Gabriele is asking for is an excellent idea to be able to extend a face of a volume following a curvilinear trend.

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Parametric geometry / dynamic blocks. Call it whatever, but it solves many issues and challenges by pre-defining logic of modifications.


It make sense from my point of view to be able to get the push-pull being able to extend both following the tangent or the curvature.
I didn’t tried yet if this particular case works already with the shift option but if not could be nice to have it.

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some sculpting tools like in blender. bevel, emboss, drag, infilate etc.

I know that sculpting is a big topic and there are some specific softwares for that. I don’t expect a complete sculpting system but even the models generally don’t need a sculpting workflow, some small details still need such commands. And as far as I know, there are any rhino plug-ins for that.

Not really, sculpting isn’t really a super compatible concept with NURBS, which is why you usually only see it in standard mesh based modellers.

I am aware of this. But rhino has a lot of capability to do modeling with mesh models. Maybe not with NURBS models but mesh or sub-d.

I suppose, but it does seem pretty far outside of the wheelhouse of software designed for surfacing. I feel like adding a feature like that would require McNeel to reevaluate exactly what Rhino is meant to do

I want to share with you some powerful features of the Rhino 8 push-pull command for certain 3d modifications.
These rt booleans were a dream on Rhino 7.


:exploding_head: now if only fillet edge could do that to edges :sweat_smile:

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