_Purge crash caused by V-Ray 4.1

Hey guys,
If you’re reading this forum,
_purge with materials enabled crashes Rhino on both of my computers. It started happening after V-Ray 4.1 patch. Otherwise VfR 4.1 is amazing, thank you!



I have the same situation but not with every scene. I was wondering if the crash is related to the scene then? I haven;t be able to figure out why it is crashing. in one of the scene, i copied all the geometries and pasted them in a fresh Rhino instance and the crash is not happening anymore.

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Hello, @Jonish,
Thank you bringing this to our attention!
As Fernando mentioned, the crash appears to be scene-specific.
Could you please state whether you are able to reproduce it with new scenes or only when purging existing projects done using previous versions of V-Ray?
Having a simple project file that exhibits this behavior would be of tremendous help to the investigation. If you are willing to share one of your scenes with us, please pack it using the Rhino menu V-Ray > Pack Project and send the resulting archive over to support@chaosgroup.com via a file-sharing service of your choice.
The V-Ray for Rhino team is in the middle of preparations for a minor bug-fix update right now which will help in deploying a solution for this problem as soon as we’ve narrowed down its cause.

Kind regards,