Rhino is crashing after using V-Ray and saving


Rhino is crashing everytime I activate the V-Ray renderer and save the model afterwards. The Scene has some meshes, but that should not be too complicated…

Does someone have a similar issue?

Greetings, Rudi

vray_test.zip (16.1 MB)
system_info.txt (2.2 KB)

I am running a Lenovo X1 Extreme, but the same issue appeared on my girlfriends XPS15…
Maybe this is helpful

Hi Rudi.

I opened your scene at the latest non-RC Rhino 6 release and the latest VfR Next 4.00.02 and I get no crash.


Hi, Rudi. If it crashes and then Rhino crash report window appears, please do submit the crash dump. We get these from McNeel and do analyze them.

Thank you

@Micha thanks for trying…

@Nikolay I usually do send crash Reports… sometimes the dialog for sending appears, but now the option to send does not even appear and Rhino crashes immedeately and the window is closed.

Interestingly, this does not happen everytime… Makes it a bit harder, to filter out the problem