Prussian Blue, You know--for Blueprints : )

I usually make layers for 2D blue curves blue, for blueprints. Lately, I’ve taken to using a variation of Prussian Blue, which was involved with traditional Cyanotype blueprint making.

Wikipedia states that the RGB color coordinates are: 0, 49, 83
Working with Rhino3d’s default color scheme, I use: 0, 76, 128
…which is the same shade but with a brighter. Only 2 values need to be typed.


It might be handy for the internet/Photoshop crowd, if people could type in a hex RGB value into the Rhino color coordinate box.

Ref: Prussian blue - Wikipedia

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Cool, but why set it as an object color rather than a background color if what you’re into is blueprints?

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I don’t usually work with real "blue"prints. I often import drawings as black and while, and then knock out the background using a selective color.

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that’s a cool color :wink:
i’ve tweaked all my colors to ones used in the solarized color scheme

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“Solarized scheme”?

Also, should there be a thread where we can all swap optionsexport files?

I think you’re confusing “blueprints”, with “blue lines”.



I just use a set of 20 contrasting colors I got from an information design blog. This is prettier.


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here’s a shot to sample the colors easily.


my first and only “blueprint” machine was one that used a chemical other than ammonia and printed blue lines on a white background. No odor and an eminently readable print!

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I used to like that ammonia smell!

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Yep. Smelling salts.

Yeah…it’ll keep your sinuses clean!

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Neat! Could you post a picture of how everything looks with that setup?

My colors:

My color picker plug-in custom colors, chosen for high contrast working on a dark background:

In deed, hex would be very welcome!

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Eyedropper selection would be handy so you could like pictureframe in an image with the swatches you want to use and pick off them.

WIP has eyedropper already.

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looking at the image there doesn’t seem to be that much of a difference but to me it’s softer on my eyes.