Object colors differentiated in layouts

Hi All,

Regarding Mary F. Layouts #18.

I’m missing something on differentiating colors between different layouts, i.e. the cabinet top being magenta in the 1/8" plan and cyan in the 1/2".

The cabinet top lines are the same object, how are they differentiated for different colors in two different layouts?

Following the instructions closely but not getting he same result-- cyan display and print color w/ magenta as described above.

I don’t think the layers are the same on the tutorial imported floor plan model as the one from which Mary is teaching… …maybe.

Can anyone help.


I got this by working throug the PDF Layouts tutorial.

For other learners:

Go to rhino3d > learn > Drafting & Printing > Drafting Complete PDF:

Layout Tutorials, Rhino for mac link is at the top of the page,

Rhino for Windows, layout videos and models are in Support files about half way down the page.

Layout tutorial for Rhino 5 is next to last sub-heading.