Wish: Colour Palette accepting hex values

it is simply the best and fastest way to input/exchange colours.
always converting to RGB is tedious …ok good for training number memory… but I am not always up for that :slight_smile:


This would be a great addition. Charts are easy to find and simple the use.

@dk2079 http://annystudio.com/software/colorpicker/

thanks Fred,

certainly helpful, I use an older freeware version of colorpic,
but often I get colours from webpages… and even if they supply hex, I still need to enter RGB in Rhino… switching back and forth between browser and Rhino all the time


This might give you some additional options/combinations.

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I don’t understand why this simple option is not in Rhino… it would be so helpful.

This is on the list as RH-55747.