Project curves or surfaces to XY plane for Laser Cut?

Hi everyone. I have a set of ribs that i created from an array of curves. This ribs are the foundation for laser cutting a lamp shade.

I need to get those vertical shapes to a ground plane so i can export them and cut.

What would be the recommended procedure for this?

Thanks in advanceNew Ribs (22.1 KB)

One day old: Help! Slicing the Model for lasercutting

Thanks, correct keywords prevented me from finding this.

Im trying to accommodate it for me but just cant. His shade was “flat”, mine are ribs in an array so his definition seems to just intersect mi brep.

You mean incorrect key words? Like “project”… But you don’t really think you’re the first person to encounter this problem, do you? So why give up searching for an answer so quickly when there are many, MANY examples of this common problem in the forum archives?

Finally, if you posted a model with your question, as recommended, the answer would be specific to you and save you the struggle of adapting someone else’s code.


I understand you point. I sometimes feel like that when moderating other forums.

I did not use the same wording as that of the OP suggested. Lasercutting is not even an actual word plus im not looking for slicing ( i have my own slices already ) thus limiting the scope of search. Text inside that post also does not reference near my situation but i did try to learn from it thus the 2h delay in my response to the suggestion.

I do agree that uploading my definition would had help and im embarrassed by not doing it from the start. I have doe so now.

I appreciate the time and help the forum can provide.

Ok, tomorrow I‘ll have a look on it.
btw for the future: just add grasshopper in google before your search words - Even with „grasshopper lasercutting“ you get many threads and also YouTube tutorials

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For the future: if you just have 3 contours and one of them 12 times the same, it’s faster you do it manually…
Because all ribs are the same. I just rotatet the first one back to xy plane, so you could also use every other definition out there.

Btw: If you cut both contours with the same size, your ribs won’t be like in the model. They will be closer to the center.

New Ribs (21.5 KB)


I really appreciate the time and suggestion. Ribs wont be the same, center circles will be angled.

Ah ok, with different ribs, just rotate them back when your manipulation is finished an rotate all back on xy plane. Than it‘s still usable.

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you want the Orient component… Inputs are the geometry to be oriented, the planes that the geometry are on and the planes where you want them oriented to.

I learnt about Orient from using the Bowerbird plugin which is great for doing waffle slices of shapes. The examples show how to orient the slices onto a plane for export for laser / water / CNC etc.


Not sure if you referred to this above but im unable to solve it. xy plane is not getting the actual modified geometry after i trim it.

New Ribs (31.5 KB)

Yeah because you didn’t changed the definition. But anyway, here it is with orient.

New Ribs Definition_re (2).gh (22.7 KB)

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Thanks Tim for yuor support