Lasercut Model with Contours


I’m fairly new to grasshopper and this is my first post on the forum, maybe sombody can help me. I’ve been trying for months now but can’t figure it out. I’m trying to build a sitemodel from a pointcloud and got problems with my contour lines. I have 2 approaches:

  1. Working with curves from the mesh. How can I close the open heigt curves with the ones from the model size. I got the intersection points but can’t split the “model lines” and add them to the missing part of the heigth curves.
  2. Working with a brep/volume. To get the closed curves with the parts for the buildings cut out and smoother curves I made a volume. Unfortunately with contours I get broken/missing curves. I tried reducing system tolerance and everything but the errors keep the same. It’s working with the BBsection component, but with that I get messy/different lines at the building holes. Any ideas how to fix that?

Thanks for your help!! (3.0 MB) broken contour from surface|690x378

First I would use the topography mesh and trim it with the box in the size you want it. Then you merge the box with the topography and trim away the upper part of the box (now it looks like your physical model). In the next step you just contour it in the cardboard height you wish.

Hi @pierreschild

is this Rhino 7? If so, make sure you use Rhino 7 SR2 or later, because we are very quickly improving intersections with meshes, and they are much better in releases after SR1, excluded.



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No it’s Rhino 6.
Thank you

Yeah I’ve done that and it works I know but there are other problems afterwards. The contourlines from the mesh are very edgy and and when I want to smooth them i lose the 90 degree angles in some corners where i need them, so I want the smooth the open height lines first.

But you can smooth and in the same time keeping the 90 degree angles. There is a way to only smooth until a certain degree.

But I need to smooth everything exept exactly 90° angles. Thanks anyway

Did you try smoothening the Mesh more to get clean curves als result.

Also maybe @DavidRutten has some nice ways of smoothening curves.