Nesting laser cut lay out

hi, i’d like to nesting two brep groups for laser cutting

Currently rhinonesting does not seem to come down from the site. Or they seem to have changed the service for a fee

Please let me know if there is a suitable way to make a layout for the laser cut. (80.8 KB)

I followed the definition of arranging in a plane to see the video. However, this applies only when the brep is flat and includes a long line in the middle of the drawing for the laser cut

This is like your 10. topic about the same object. And second about laser cutting.

But without seeing your script, here’s one I remember about projecting a circular waffle:

Tomorrow I may have a bit time to look at your file :slight_smile:

Thanks tim
i checked topic

The last definition seems to work in my work

But I found that the vertical member of the two breps did not work properly with debrep. Maybe there is a wrong section. I’ll check.

And I hope the array is done in a square frame like the one I posted before

1 - (109.3 KB)

and i use contour at vertical one for waffle rib

I used solid difference instead of trim solid to make ribs. The debreped item list appears to be sorted. However, the debrep of longitudinal members is not available for this definition, even if there are no cracks (110.7 KB)

After debrep, I would have to modify the item list to work correctly, or I would lay out a baked surface on the rhino for the laser cut

Can anyone help me with either of two ways?

You could sort the area of your deconstructed brep to get the larges face.
About rectangular array you can have a look at this one:

Had a look at your file. You should clean up your breap first. Many invalid breps. You can always bake to check if there’s something invalid or use null item:

And even the valid ones aren’t good for lasercutting:

Sorry, there’s too much going on and way to messy, to search the errors for me.

If you cleaned up your script or found the errors, I can help you further.

What you want me to do now? look at all three script and tell you what I like most? I closed 4 & 6 after it took more than one minute to load.

As always:

Sorry, but you have so much errors in the beginning, before you create any orientation for laser cutting, please fix your script. Sorry but nobody here has time to go threw your 1000 components, and search the errors.

Ofc every sorting and orientation go wrong, when you have one rib flying threw space. Stop working with it and repair it instead.

If you come back with one cleaned and understandable script, I will have a look, but not like this.

I don‘t understand what you want to say, even google translator doesn‘t help me.

Can you internalize your final waffle breps and upload them without anything else? Than i can help you with unroll, but when I open your file, the most breps are invalid. Which rhino version are you using?