My first project with GH

Hi all,

I decided to dare to open grasshopper. I am always postponing for the “next” project thinking it will delay my delivery. This time I decided that only way I will learn it’s If I actually make a project with a deadline and grasshopper.

I am trying to build a piece of furniture made with flat surfaces. I am at the exact beginning. Meaning I am in 0.

I would like to start with the planning of the ribs. There will be a rectangle surface made with ribs.

What I trying to get in this first step is a grid that I could rotate in order to find out if I want a diagonal grid or an orthogonal one. I would like to be able to rotate the grid with the possibility to see it always ending in my rectangle boundary. So the rectangle needs to be always “filled” by that grid.

Before asking in the forum I play with the contour node in GH. I realise this could be a good idea to always have the rectangle “filled” by this grid. The only problem is that I do not know how to make the contour direction variable gets driven by an angle and not a line. Also using contour I can not get the “crossing” patern of my grid since is going only in one direction. Now I am writing and realising that maybe there is a node called “mirror” :stuck_out_tongue:

I also tried with the book AAD_ (which I believe is awesome) and checked the “dividing surface” chapter.

I manage to make a square grid (yes, lame) from a surface. First the segments of my curves are “splitted” which is not useful since I need to have each rib line from border to border of my rectangle base. Also It does not seem as the option I should use since I can not rotate the grid parametrically. Either I can make an orthogonal segmented grid or a segmented diagrid.

Please bare in mind this is not a critic. Not implying its not possible to do it, of course it is, I do not know how to :slight_smile:

I will post a ugly sketch about the grid soon.

I was having a cigarette and thought about this method?? ? ?

Please find attached the image.

  1. Make a grid
  2. make a subtraction area
  3. Rotate grid

It sounds to easy to be true hahhaa

I must tell you,
If you are starting from zero, then it might be a very complex project to start from. There are many things to grasp. Anyway, I’m uploading a definition that does that so you can have a look around.
cheers! (19.7 KB)

wow Thanks a lot, a lot. I thought this will be “easy” .

I might need to do the step by step book.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

My advice to you if you want to learn it is keep visiting this forum.
It is kept by the people who make GH and filled by the people who use it.
keep reading the posts and try to learn from others.
Good luck!!!

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Thanks a lot. I am tweaking some things of yours with videos in you tube and my book. Is it ok If I keep using this post to ask about the project? Hope you stick around hahaah

sure! I am a learner just like you and as others help me I would love to help you.