How to separate/divide surfaces into points (Preperation to lasercutting)

Hey Guys,
Im currently doing a projekt in Rhino, Grasshopper. Im doing a pavilion in 3D that’s made out of squares.

The squares needs to be ready for lasercutting, so i therefor i need to translate the squares into 2D plan and i need to have them organized in systemized points. Untill now i have converted the squares into 2D plan but all the squares are laying on eachother with the same central point.

I don’t know how to seperate them out so they won’t be over one another.

I hope someone out there cam help me out.

I am attaching my grasshopper script aswell.



Projekt 2 - Advanced (34.1 KB)

from what I know there are 2 ways of doing depending on the laser cutter.

  1. Some laser cutting company asks for one drawing for each shape. For some of my project I doing that. I use a plugin to be able to output dxf. See there Low Table PatDef
  2. For some uses you’ll have to nest the curves. And for that the free and good choice is OpenNest
    Tutorial for OpenNest
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Hi Laurent, thx for the advice.
So there is no way that i can just easily seperate the surfaces from eachother?

One of the “simple” way is to measure all bounding box for each curve, then take the bigger and put the curves on an array. If you don’t want pluging I must have something.

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how would i do that in grasshopper?
What do i connect to what?

i am not too known with this program so your experienced way of explaing makes me really confused :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Something like that.
index -1 with Item get the last value => the biggest

Projekt 2 - Advanced (35.7 KB)

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OH how cool!
thank you so much…

I have one last question:
Do you know why i am having so many of each part? In my pavilion i an not having so many squares as the script is putting put. It looks like there is more of each. (exactly 25 of each)

thx a lot

Oups !! I didn’t do a good management

Projekt 2 - Advanced BIM (48.5 KB)

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Thx a lot you are amazing!

it cuts them down, but it still looks weird since i am only having 25 squares. But it still gives me 25 x each square.

I don’t understand in the geometry component there are 625 components. So I use all of them without looking if they are the same or not. You can also put the shapes in a real Square 25 x 25 doing that.

Or use one of your slider to count the real number of Rows and Columns.

You’ll have to decide. I did s script didn’t take into account the real structure of your data. It just try to put panel in a global square panel.


ah okay!

i think the reason why it says that i have 625 components is that my pavilion has a complicated steel construction, but i am hiding that in the view since i am not lasercutting those but only the facade.

I didn’t look at your script just try to find what was your question. So for some next question it is sometime more simple to just put useful data. You can internalize data on right clicking on a Geometry component.

It is up to you to feed my little script with the data you want.

Thank you so much for your help - it was a big step forward!

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