Autosave Files Gone Missing

I always see my autosave running in the command window, but rarely use it. I felt all warm and fuzzy having it as my insurance policy against anything going terribly wrong. Then I tried to use it…

I have autosave set to every 5 minutes and have worked on 20 models since April 28th. Where are my recent autosaves? I why do i have older useless ones but not the new ones that could save me 6 hours of work?

The current RhinoAutosave.3dm is for a different model. I scrolled up in my command window and saw the autosave for the other model (I:\CAD\AutoSave\Wide band trillions_RhinoAutosave(8804).3dm
), but it’s missing. So I used Recuva to see if I could bring it back from the dead:

Nope, it was immediately overwritten. The recovered file was too corrupt for Rhino to recognize. This is my version of Rhino:

This is the worst possible time to learn this about autosave…

Hi Eric- if the current model is a saved one, not ‘Untitled’, then the autosave file is saved to a filename that includes the actual file name. When Rhino successfully closes the current file, the autosave file is deleted. Unsaved files are autosaved to RhinoAutosave.3dm by default and this file is always overwritten.

What may be more usful is the 3dmbak file that is kept (by default) in the current file’s folder - this represents the previously saved version of the file - that is, before the last Save (not Autosave,)


I finished my model and went to open a new one. I erroneously clicked on don’t save instead of save. So the model was closed cleanly and without generating a .bak file.

I immediately realized my error and thought for sure that my autosave insurance policy protected me from any errant click or crash. Now I’m a day behind.

Oh, snap. My I:\ drive is set up with Google Drive. The deleted autosave file was in the trash bin of the cloud. Whew…

Could I make a feature request for the old autosave files to be placed in the local trashbin rather than being permanently deleted?

What is it you are trying to achieve with that?

Autosave is just for when Rhino crashes. At that point (and the only point where you should be in need of it), the file will not be deleted.
For all other purposes, use the backup (3dmbak) option.

So, again, the answer to your statement is NO - YES.
No to errant clicks and yes to crash.