Autosave seems not working



I’m having problem with rhino autosave.
It seems that rhino is not making any autosaves.
We set the time to 10 min, and there is no save at all. Any ideas why is that happening.
Could it be something that we are working heavily with VisualArq?
Also we experienced lack of crash files in folders after the emergency shutdown of Rhino.
Any clues what’s happening?



(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi MIchal- do you see any autosave files in the Autosave folder when Rhino is running and has the actual file open? Keep in mind that Autosaves are deleted if the current file is closed successfully. One way to check is to run the Autosave command and watch to see if an autosave file is generated.



Hi Pascal,

First of all thanks for your quick replay.
No, there is no file generation (autosave) during the worksession
We chosen manually to write files on the desktop, and there is no file during our work.



(Pascal Golay) #4

Michal- what happens if you run the Autosave command? Can you verify the Autosave location in Options > Files page?