Autosave useless

Rhino crashes… no autosave files left even though it’s been interrupting me all morning autosaving. Please fix!

p.s. Crash dump files always seem to destroy user text

I’m sorry you’re frustrated.
The Autosave tool only works if it is Rhino that crashed.

We are seeing lots of video driver crashes that leave Rhino without any interface on the Desktop. If that is what is happening to you, then that fits your description.

I would strongly recommend you take up the good modeling habit of clicking on the Save button from time to time until you can figure out the actual cause of the crashing.

Hi arch - is the file that was open a named file that is, has it been saved at least once? Does the Autosave command generate an autosave file in the correct folder? (Start a fresh Rhino, open a file and run Autosave - does that generate an autosave file?) Is the Autosave folder the default one (Options > Files page) ?


Thanks for the response. I don’t think it’s video driver related.

I did a search for this issue and I think there were some threads from a couple years ago saying the same thing.

the autosave command itself works, but when you need the autosave file it is not there. Maybe the cleanup method needs to be changed, like clean up the previous day’s files or something.

Here’s how it works:
As you work, the autosave feature periodically saves a temporary file in the configured location. When you close Rhino, a process of deleting, renaming and saving takes place so you end up with a 3dm file and a 3dmbak file. A flag is set that Rhino closed normally, and the no longer needed autosave file is deleted.

If Rhino crashes, the flag that Rhino closed normally is not cleared and the autosave file will still be there. When you start Rhino, it reads the abnormal shutdown flag, opens the undeleted autosave file, and warns you to save it.

Since you didn’t mention anything about Rhino’s crash reporting service or being asked about saving a file when you reopened Rhino, I have to conclude that Rhino thinks it closed normally last time so the autosave file was deleted as it was design to do.

Does that help describe what you’re seeing?

arch, Can you please open a file, AutoSave, then testCrash (accept the defaults, and don’t send the crash dump of course). Is there an autosave file when you’re all done?


that procedure works as you would expect, creating the autosave and asking to open it upon relaunching.

And, in the crashes that produce no Autosave file, is it clear that Rhino is crashing, or as John suggested, is it something else blowing up and taking Rhino with it? Is there a 3dmbak files in the original file folder? That would be a partial restoration - it is the file as it was when saved the last time but one.


I use these settings in the properties panel to run an incremental save every 2 minutes rather than depend on the AutoSave feature. You can then go back to previous versions and not lose everything in the event of a crash. I delete the incremental files at the end of the day or end of the project.

Thanks, that’s pretty useful.