Problems with mesh

Hello, I am creating a parametric model of shell truss for evolutionary optimization. When applying Mesh Brep component on my model, the resulting mesh gets weirdly distorted and broken around the edges. Do you know what might be causing this issue? I am including my GH (112.9 KB)


Your model looks small, your range is only 1.5 m?

The visualization depends on your thickness, and you have a very variable thickness on your deck.
Try with a constant thickness of 1 cm, viewing is more pleasant

That means, this visualization is your thickness distribution defined on your deck (40cm thick locally)

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Hi Ondrej,
yes this issue arises due to the mesh thickening. You have a relatively small mesh which is joined and Karamba3D tries its best to do the offset of the mesh. There are issues on how the mesh is joint or welded which affects the crosssection or utilisation output in the ShellView. The results are not affect, it is simply the output.

We are trying to improve the meshing for the next version but meshing is a complex issue to look at it.

However, if you use some of the native MeshBrep grasshopper component, you can get a cleaner offset.

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Thank you both for your explanation. Important for me is that this distortion doesn´t affect the calculations - problem solved :slight_smile: