Rigid Body Error - Highrise with core and outriggers

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to construct a Karamba model for a high-rise project to analyze the behaviour of the structure. For some reason I keep getting error message saying there are rigid body modes in my model. I’ve read other people’s posts about similar problems and tried to locate where the problems occur in my model for several days now, but still can’t find the bug.
I included the Rhino file and my messy GH definition here, I really appreciate it if someone can help on idendifying where the problem is?

Arch_26May_Positioning Programm_V01.3dm (5.2 MB)
Structural Model_B new.gh (210.2 KB)

Hi @yuhh0909, your columns to not connect to the floorplates. You should make sure your column endpoints are integrated into the mesh vertices. You should use the MeshBreps component to include these points in your mesh: 3.8.1: Mesh Breps - Karamba3D 1.3.3

Hello @matttam ,

thank you for your advice! I managed to solve the problem by integrating the column points into the floor mesh. But now I got another problem.

When I analyzed the structure it seems like the floor mesh is not connected to the core mesh. Since these two have different material properties they have to be two different meshes. I’m wondering how can I integrate these two meshes?

Structural Model_B True.gh (184.0 KB)

Hi if you use the MeshBreps component and your core surfaces are split at every floor, then it will make clean meshes to analyzing.

@matttam Sorry I didn’t quite understand what do you mean by spliting my core surface at every floor.

hi, your cores do not even touch the floorplates. You need to make sure they touch, and if you use this strategy to mesh the surfaces in one flattened set, then you can make sure that your meshes are correctly joined by sharing similar vertices.

@matttam Hello, I changed the core width to join the meshes together and now the model is working perfectly! Thank you so much for your advices, really appreciate it!!