Karamba3D: Mesh to shell component

Hello Karamba3D users,

I am trying to model a shell using Grasshopper in Rhino to analyze with Karamba3D, and although the geometry of the shell works well in my Grasshopper definition, the Karamba3D “mesh to shell” component has not been keeping the mesh as clean as I would like it to.

I believe it may be a scaling issue because at larger scale models (in meters), the mesh generated by Karamba3D looks great; however, when I reduce the scale so that the units would be in millimeters, (1/1000th of a meter), the Karamba3D generated mesh is distorting the original shell such that the point nodes to assign loads and supports are not consistent (or symmetrical in the shell I desire to analyze).

I would like to analyze a small shell and I would appreciate any ideas and solutions for solving this issue. I’m attaching my Grasshopper file with comments in a light-red to guide my thought process.

Thank you in advance!
Karamba3d mesh issue.gh (26.6 KB)

Hi, did you look into the LDist input ( 3.1.9: Mesh to Shell | English 英文 | Karamba3D 2.2.0) which is a tolerance set as default to 0.05m so you should change this if you are working in mm.

Thank you for your response, Matthew! I was not aware of the LDist input. I will review the page and try it out.