Problems with a DisplayMode

the context of this topic How to remove one or more commands from the Rhino?
!-tsEditMode _Enabled=On

As I mentioned above, the movement of selected points correctly only in Ghosted mode and Wireframe.

But if you copy for example Ghosted mode (Rhino Options / DisplayMode / Copy) and work in “Copy of Ghosted” that points move incorrectly!
Why is this happening?

By the way
If run a command _SetObjectDisplayMode and assign on current mode the Wierframe or Ghosted then “point” still fails moves.

Hi Leex,

I agree with your comments in the referenced post, it does seem like a plugin issue. I’d suggest contacting the TS developers if you haven’t already to ask if it’s on their list. At a guess, it seems like the TS grips might only be usable if drawn in the foreground. A transparent shaded display must get around this issue but I’m not sure why a copy of the Ghosted mode behaves differently. I don’t have this plugin to compare it here though… definitely contact the developers to see if they know more.

Hi Brian!
Thanks for the answer.
Recently, the forum TS quiet.
There is not a lively debate as before.
This plug-in into the hands AutoDesk and apparently is now no longer develop.
It’s a pity. It was a very promising
I asked it on the TS forum. Silence :slight_smile:

By the way, why can not rename or delete the default displaymodes? Wireframe, Shaded, Rendered etc.
Can I unlock it?
What are the files in the system load data to recover by default a displaymode?

The default display modes are hard-coded into Rhino.
If you delete one and close Rhino, it is recreated with default settings when restarting.

Hi John.

Can you tell me the name of the Rhino file which contains the data?

And why a copy of the Ghosted mode behaves differently??

Sorry, I can’t. I don’t think it’s in an external file that can be edited.

Can you please describe to me what I need to do to see the difference you’re seeing?

You’re saying that the default Ghosted display mode appears differently than a copy of the default Ghosted display mode?
Under what circumstances?
Is it limited to specific object types or a specific file?

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Create a simple object

!-_tsEditMode _Enabled=_On _SelectionMode=_Edge _Enter
!-_tsEditMode _SelectionMode=_Vertex _Enter

Exactly. You understood correctly

Ddifferent works only objects of type “T-spline Surface”.

That’s difficult for me to test and impossible to do anything about, as T-splines is not our tool and the "T-spline Surface object is not our entity type.

Have you reported the specific symptoms to them?

I tell them about this for 5 consecutive years. :slight_smile:

But the display is copied events inside Rhino.
I think that when copy some of the data will not be copied completely.

Although the saved data are the same.
Ghosted.ini and Copy of Ghosted.ini
Difference only is in the Display Mode ID name and order