I'm solely a button pusher but want a script

Anyone willing to take on a script ? I was wanting ; points on,ghosted surface ( as like ( VSR ). Jist is , select surface to edit, points on and suface is ghosted preferably a working color too. Not asking too much am I . Thanks for any help, Mark

Hi Mark - Here are a couple of macros that might (or might not) help:

! SetObjectDisplayMode Pause Mode=Ghosted SelLast PointsOn

! SetObjectDisplayMode Pause Mode=UseView PointsOff


Hi Pascal, I put that macro in ( then patted myself on the back) hmm, it did not ghost. Also would there be a way to write it so whichever surface is chosen, it gets ghosted and points on. That is if you gaven’t slready explained that to me. In other words, it isnt working for me. I will keep trying . Thanks, Mark

Saw the error. Had a plus sign instead of equals now it is working. Thanks for being patient.—Mark

Hi Mark - the changing per selection is not going to happen easily in a script, if at all. The macro should prompt you for an object, then set it to Ghosted and turn on points - - to test, make a surface and then copy paste the first macro , and follow the prompts - does that work at all? The second one is to restore the object to normal display and turn off its points.


Yes you had it right and thanks again.

Pascal , I was so proud of myself using that macro you prepared for me , I put it in V6.
Placed a 2 pt. surface at the ground plane and began up and down with control points. Seemed like the surface interacted with ground plane. The surface was being shaded by ( I should say cplane) while the points were being moved, then let off control point and that interaction went away( no shading) thought it might help. — Mark
One other thing Wanted to set control polygon to solid lines in viewport prop. Didn 't work

Hi Mark - check the GroundPlane panel - is the GP on? If so, try turning it off - does that look better?


You did it again, thanks