Detail default display mode. How to change?

If possible at all. Tired of changing every detail to Ghosted.

Hmm… Here it appears to be in wireframe as default so if you really have it in Ghosted it would mean that somehow it is customizable. I wouldn’t know how, though.

Something you could do is change your default template to have it include one layout with details and put these in the mode you want. Then save copies of the layout.

Yeah, I’ve been pfutzing with it and I do not see a good way to do this yet.
Here’s a quick script that may help- unzip, drag and drop to add this alias


(works per layout) (508 Bytes)


OK, I misread :eyeglasses: - You also have it in wireframe by default and want them ghosted…

@pascal, fwiw, I second the wish to have it user-defined.
(but thanks for the script!)

So, a default setting someplace, right? Global? Per Layout property? any detailed thoughts, so to speak?

I don’t know if it gets complicated due to the possibility of modes being removed etc, but I’ll add this to the heap.



Yup, I would see this as a single global setting that lets the use pick a default display mode for any new details. If a mode doesn’t exist, Rhino falls back on wireframe.

Hi all - thanks - I added

@Asterisk, does that suit you?


Thank you, Pascal!
I was hoping there was a “switch” that I needed to flip, but oh, well.
The suggested solution in RH-30223 will be fine if not perfect. :thumbsup:

This will work the best since I need it to be in ghosted to begin with.

Sub Main()
Dim Det, View

View = Rhino.CurrentView(, False)
If Not Rhino.IsLayout(View) Then Rhino.Print “Can’t create detail in model space.” : Exit Sub

Rhino.Command “_Detail Add”, False
Det = Rhino.LastCreatedObjects
Rhino.EnableRedraw False
Rhino.CurrentDetail View, Det(0)
Rhino.Command “SetDisplayMode Ghosted”, False
Rhino.Command "Detail EnablePage ", False
Rhino.EnableRedraw True

End Sub