Problems installing library (OWL) files to Grasshopper Library directly


Sorry for this basic question but I don’t know what else to do.

I’m trying to install OWL on Windows 10 for Rhino 6 (demo version) as per the instructions and have added the files to

I’ve unblocked them and restarted Rhino but its not showing up on the Grasshopper toolbar.

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
Any help much appreciated

Hi - that seems to be working fine here.
Which version did you download?
Have you tried unblocking the zip file before extracting the contents?
Perhaps @MateuszZwierzycki has more ideas…

Can’t think of a reason for it not to work… double check if you unlocked all of the provided files (there is quite a lot of libraries there).

Thanks Mateusz,

Many of the files are not showing an “unblock” checkbox under properties like the others - am I missing something?

Sorry if this is obvious - I’ve never moved I library over manually before.

Many thanks

That means they’re unblocked/never really were blocked in the first place. Can you load any other plugin ? Try kangaroo for comparison.

yep kangaroo is fine, monolith too.

Just to make sure - can you print screen the list of owl files/libs you’re copying ? What other plugins are you using ?

Yes sure, it’s these…