Koala in Grasshopper


I am trying to export to SCIA and have downloaded Koala and installed as per advice here:


I saved the gha files in this location:

But I can’t now see Koala as a an option in the tools menu or see it in grasshopper.

Has anyone had this issue? Or can offer any advice?

Did you cheked if it is unblocked? You can right click on this component and uncheck the block box.

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@akche001 when I try to open it in Rhino I get this error:


When you say to right click do you mean in the File Explorer window?

Hi -

Yes, that was step 2 in the installation instructions in the document that you linked to in your first post.
You right-click the zip file it in Windows Explorer, pick Properties and, in the dialog that then pops up, you can unblock the file. Note that you do this before unzipping.

You can’t open *.gha files in Rhino. You put those in the correct folder and Grasshopper will find them there. Note that you find the correct folder by going into Grasshopper and picking File > Special Folders > Components Folder:

After placing the contents of the zip file in that folder, exit and relaunch Rhino and Grasshopper.

As WIM wrote, you cannot open gha files in Rhino. You seemed to have gha files in right folder. You will see Koala tab in Grasshopper toolbar just as I can see here.

@wim and @akche001 thanks. I have unzipped the file and saved it in the ‘special folders’ location.


But even when I close out of Rhino and relaunch I still cannot see Koala. Assuming I should see a tab here:

Copy only these files in components folder


But still no Koala tab… :cry:

Your component folder is not right. On grasshopper canvas, open fiile/special folders/Components Folder
and copy both koala components in this folder