Grasshopper external file loading failed


After a Rhino update I cannot get Rhino 6 Grasshopper start normally.

I get :

Even if I delete HoopSnake.gha.

There is no problem with Rhino 5.



“Drop in the Grasshopper/Libraries directory only !”
Maybe useful to know…

Grasshopper searched for a file in my downloads directory.
I surely installed it from there.
I was sure ALL gha files have to be in Grasshopper/Libraries directory.

Once I delete the gha file in my download folder, Grasshopper asked me to chose for conflicting files
which apparently were installed the same wrong way.


Hey Lahos,

Hope all is good!
I have the same problem with the parakeet plugin! I have tried to put it only in the grasshopper/library, but the message still shows up!

Any advice?



Had to uninstall and delete all rhino files and download it again,

takes about 1h.