Waffling different segments such that they align

Kind of frustrated because i’ve been at this for days trying to create waffle structure etc for a doubly curved volume with constant offset. I need a idea on how to get a code that allows me to input 2 numbers of uv/xy division and my code would be applicable to any surface. I’ve tried bowerbird and my own uv divisions and even rebuilding surface etc, almost everything. I can’t even upload a gh code because it’s too messy from trying everything so any help would be appreciated…I need all the ribs to match

it’s not clear what your question is.
I would at least upload a gh def with the doubly curved volume internalised to try and better explain what you are trying to do.

Hi! This looks promising; except Idk my way around the code because I;m not sure what language is kordnaty wesjeica?
Or how that part works…

surfaces.3dm (307.5 KB)
Ah, my bad I was freaking about my gh code being so messy, I only uploaded a jpeg. My portions have to be segmented, because these surfaces are a panel to be applied, while this waffle is for the structure inside. The reason I can’t join everything and just apply a direct waffle etc to it is because of it’s doubly curved and forming mobius eventually, but not a perfect mobius, etc, and I want a strategy applicable to everything.



neither these words nor those pointy things are stuff I understand, I have never used those pointy things nor do I speak this language haha

I don’t know what code you are looking at? I was referring to this post from me on June 23, 2015 at 6:19am, specifically “1. fine adjustment of beam crossing angles.”:

Splitting the angle between the tangents wasn’t quite what I wanted so I made two knob adjustments for those angles. Then I noticed when I was “roughly happy” with the angles, I could very carefully adjust each one so that a beam would be centered in opposite corners of the roof - all four corners.

Keeping the beams centered while adding thickness meant moving the surface halfway first, then extruding it the opposite way. They are depicted as 2X10s (1.5 X 9.5).

Here is my code from that post with this part of it disabled, as it is irrelevant to the main point:

Laying the beams out flat (nesting) required ‘DeBrep’ to get planar faces for ‘Orient’ and ‘Rotate’.

roof_01_2015Jun23a.gh (36.7 KB)

Those “pointy things” are cluster inputs, which I won’t bother to explain further since I don’t know where you saw them? I don’t see any clusters, or foreign language, in my code.