Grasshopper Waffle Code Problem

Hello everyone, my problem is that in the waffle code, although my pieces in the x and y plane intersect, the spaces that fit into each other do not occur in some places, can you help?

Nobody can help you without posting your code and geometry.

I just mentioned this yesterday in another thread.

Sorry, I didn’t know that, if anyone wants, I can share with the file version.

What do you really expect without posting your code and geometry? :man_facepalming:
A working example like in my reply is the best anyone can do, but that’s not specific to your code.

1.1.3dm (7.6 MB) (43.2 KB)
this is my file and although there are intersection points in my object on the black line side in the photo above, there is no gap. This is my problem and I have no idea how to solve it because I’m just starting out. By the way, I need these blanks as I will be making the model with laser cutting.


Study the code I referred you to, hope it helps. No plugins.

P.S. I worked around the plugin with the white group. As you can see, many of the contour sections are small or non-existent, which can easily cause problems. (49.8 KB)

The duplicated code in the file isn’t helpful, I used the first copy.

I was told that there is a ready-made code groove and that we should use it. my problem is that the code doesn’t do its job well i’m trying to solve it. my goal is not to learn how to code from scratch but to solve the problem

you have one approach. But it seems the problem is from the tool and I suspect also your geometry. I am not sure a concave shape (the slice I mean) is so easy to slit. So look at that and also contact the author of the plugin.

It’s easy to see that the contour sections are extremely “short” (in Z) and some are floating in air. The vertical intersections between sections, where any interlocking notches would be cut (2nd image below), range in height from 0.212 units To 179.93 units with an average of 50 units high. (25.5 KB)