Problem with UVmapping

Hello everyone, i have a problem with UVmapping, I try to locate a texture to glasses and when i try to map it it shows weird wireframe like in picture. But for other glasses, i can see the frame of the glasses and i can locate the texture the way i want.
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And other problem i have, when i send the textured file to a different computer, the texture is dissappaer.

I’d need to see the model to be sure but it looks like it has a primitive mapping method like Planar set for it. Moving the model in say OBJ or FBX format will not necessarily move the texture in an assigned material but does keep the UVs. You might need to reassign the texture in a material in the other app or maybe the UVs need to be resized. Post more info like the app you are going to and what file format you used if you need more help but most of all post the 3dm itself.

Hello brian, firstly thank you for your respond, the file is a rhino .3dm file and i try to apply bimap texture via rhino renderer. I want to have 3 colours gradient equally distrubited on the object. Because of that i use the bimap texture.
Do you know about my other question too.
Again thank you very much for your respond!
Unisex-Style 1.3dm (10.2 MB)

The model is a mesh and the UVs it has must have been defined prior to it being saved. It looks like the mesh came out of a SubD mesh modeling app originally. You can change the UVs in the Properties panel of Rhino when the mesh is selected. A box mapping method and then editing the UV widget for it will be the fastest. As shown below…

The model also has issues at the spots where the frame meets the arms, I’d suggest running the Smooth command on it to clean this up as well as the Weld command on the mesh itself.

The reason the mesh disappeared is that you were in Rendered mode and had a Glass material applied. Rendered mode doesn’t do refraction so it looked like it wasn’t there. Replace the material to see it in Rendered mode.

Hey man i try to do it couple times but i couldnt make it, i can not have a smooth gradient texture. the colours are not correct.

united.3dm (5.6 MB)

RH-60706 is fixed in the latest BETA