Texture/Materials question

Hi Guys!
First, when I say texture in this case, I mean a material which looks like a texture.
Is there a way, or could there be a way in the future, to apply a single texture without having to tweak every single piece?

So some of the pieces on this adidas shape are smaller, and some are larger.
I select all, and apply a texture.
Rhino will make the texture appear smaller on smaller pieces and larger on larger pieces
Is there a way to even all of them out so that it looks as if a single texture was applied to the entire piece?

I hope I’m making sense.
Thank you:)

under properties tab pick the third one =

u can assign any types of mapping that you like. in this case, the fastest one would be the box type. (the 3rd one after the duck icon)

and then click on edit mapping, u can scale, rotate, and position the mapping via gumball.

some rendering plug in, however might contain bugs where u need to assign mapping channel 2 in order for the mapping to work.

normally for Logo 3D work where u will have several close up shot, its better to unwrap UVW for the best projection of your texture (box texture will distort when u have the surface inclined at sharp angle). u can find tons of tutorial for UVW unwrap to maximise ur rendering. however for preview only, box mapping should be more than enough)

hope that helps