Problem with surface from points in GH

Hello good people!
I am trying to do some landscaping with my very limited GH knowledge. I’ve managed to build a curve network that now I want to use to construct a surface so I can later trim it down into different materials (grass, pavement, and so on). The problem is that neither network surface nor surface from points does anything close to the surface that I need. I’ll attach some files hopefully someone can figure out what’s going on…
Thanks in advance!

![2|690x391](upload://s54eOESMHyEv (23.8 KB)
SS_3D Model.3dm (3.3 MB)

just looking at the very last stage of the definition, this might be a way (but it won’t include that partial bump on the bottom right corner) (26.0 KB)

if you need that part, probably extending your lines in such a way you create a bigger surface, then trimming out the surface with a new silhouette-curve-contour might be the best choice

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Hey Inno, thank you very much!
I think I did what you suggested. In order to create the surface, I needed to exclude the list of curves that were faulty and outside the boundary. I did this using series in defining the unnecessary curves via lists. This is making the script kinda dumb because every time I try to change the distances between I have to fix also the list with the new curves that are being produced. Maybe you have e cleverer solution for this?

Thank you very much! (32.2 KB)

maybe this is closer to what you’re looking for? (25.4 KB)

I am currently trying to simplify the whole script since it was doing kinda halfway the thing it is supposed to. I followed your tip for splitting the surface and the curves made with more space around. This way I managed to simplify the whole thing.
But there is something I’ve noticed in the process. The nurbs curves that come out of the tensor and theit offsets do not lay on the brep surface. When I try to project them onto it I get curves that are exploded and partially disjoined.

Do you happen to have an idea how to fix that… At first I used pull curve onto surface and it doesn’t produce the problem, but I think there is still some distance between the curves and the surface… (28.0 KB)

don’t really know why that is happening with Project… but maybe you could get the result you are looking for by using the networkSrf generator curves trimmed with the boundary_curve by trim with region ?

awesome, thank you very much!