Network Surface

Hi, I’m weirdly having an issue with generating a surface from a network of curves. Not sure why though. I initially had more curves but reduced the number seeing it has issues, can’t reduce the number of curves more, but it’s still seems to be too much to handle for my PC?topo (409.1 KB)

Joined it into a gh file with both denser networks, and the lighter one. The network is a contour from a set of meshes

Your curves need to be sorted but there is another problem. The curves aren’t planar.

Can you post your mesh? There are better solutions to turn a mesh into a surface. (434.8 KB)

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1.3dm (7.1 MB) it’s not just one mesh, hence the weird curve I assume. I know they are better way making the terrain model, but for the location I have, none other of the existing solutions worked. (Besides the SketchUp earth import)

Here’s a better way without your curves.

The vertices of a base mesh are projected onto your Sketchup meshes and then meshed again. The mesh is a quad mesh which can be turned into a SubD and surface easily. (1.0 MB)

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Thank you for taking the time to do this, it’s awesome! However I seem to be having some issues :

is it just me?

I can open my file above without problems.

Did you change any of the inputs?

Nope, didn’t change a thing, it was like this from the beginning. It is weird, I do have a similar issue with elk, it would show me an error, I asked around about it, and people were able to run it without issues :confused:

What units are you working with and what’s your file tolerance?

It’s the same for me. The tolerance was 0.001, but i changed it to your values and loaded the file again. Same thing

Post the file again just to double check (1.0 MB) here it is.

Well that works just fine here.

It seems like you changed the rectangle of the base mesh. If the base mesh is larger than the meshes of your maps, then it does not work. It should also be lower than the maps so the vertices can be projected in Z direction.