Surface from Curves or Points

Hi, I am trying to create a surface based on a mesh scan of a human! I want to create this surface from a network of curves (Shown in image 1). I have also tried creating the surface from points taken from the curve intersections.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong and what I can do to create a surface that approximates this mesh.

Grasshopper script is attachedMesh to Surface using Curves for GH Forum (13-9).gh (133.2 KB)

I didn’t have time to look at the rest of your definition, but I just included an example of how to loft the horizontal curves.

First I aligned the seams, then made sure the tangents of all the curves were pointing in the right direction. To align the direction I used a quick Python script, but I could be done using standard gh components.

It would probably be best to simplify the curves before the loft, because its getting pretty heavy.

Mesh to Surface using Curves for GH Forum (13-9) (128.0 KB)

Hi, thanks for your help! Your code works really efficiently but the lofted surface is extremely broken up. Is it possible to loft a cleaner curve?

You can try to use the Rebuild Curve component to simplify the curves going into the Loft.

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