Network surface?

Hey there. Can anybody tel me how to make a surface in GH with these curves? can not make it work… maybe I need an other solution?!!

A2.3dm (288.6 KB) (22.5 KB)

As long as your curves ar not in the same plane, you will not be able to generate a planar surface. The only component I know is the patch component.

ah, ok!
Thanks a lot !!! :grinning:

and which command is the first one? I don´t know that one…

It’s the “merge” component. It allows you to merge data in a quite readable way.
You could also use the shift key when connecting each of your curves to the “curves” input of the patch component. Your choice…

thanks a lot !!!

A2.3dm (453.2 KB) (46.6 KB)

sorry to bother again but I got stucked again… do you maybe know how I programm to change the two red points to the distance of the green ones in order how close the component is to the attractor (1) ??? (pic)